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Alright guys, this is to all you artists out there!  I’m trying to publish my book on Kindle and Amazon, but I need a cover for my book!  If at all possible, would any of you mind doing it?  Credit given completely!  I was thinking a black background with half an incredibly gorgeous male face with black longish shaggy hair, a bit of stubble, not much, and bright, spring grass, green eyes.   Credit will be given to you!  The name of the book is “Run” and it is part of a series called “The Silent Guardians”.  I was thinking like Dean Winchester type of guy, but different hair, as stated above!  I really need some help guys!  To all you artists out there!!  Help!

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His pledge to her:
i will kill the spiders. i will share my fries with you when you’ve finished all yours and are still hungry. i won’t ever pop my collar. i will never be rude to your tummy- when i hear it growl and gurgle. i promise to bend down and reply respectfully. i will eat the mushrooms when we order the supreme pizza. i will kiss the papercuts. and the door-slammed finger, and the counter-bumped hip. i’ll try my hardest not to get annoyed when you whisper questions and comments during movies. i will be the big spoon. i will let you win at wrestling, sometimes. other times i will not. i will go faster. harder. i will pull when you want. and tease you when you don’t. i will send you random texts and leave you silly gifts. not always. not on schedule. just whenever i want to. whenever i think you need one. or seven. i will check your tire pressure. and remind you to take your car in. i will hold your hand. i will love you.  i will love you. i will love you.
I’m pretty sure I’ve reblogged this before, but it’s so perfect.

i think I am going to cry

this will always be my favorite thing on this website
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All I ever wanted were a few sole sentences.
Just simple words strung together
to give me a subtle reminder that I was not in it alone.

When people saw my feet facing the toilet
under the drab wall of the stall next door to their own
and my knees crushing the hard tiled ground,
I wanted to hear a, “hey, honey, you feeling okay?”
And I know I would respond with a laugh and
“Yeah I just dropped something!”
And I’d stand up and re-position myself the right way,
but at least I would know that this lady,
a lady I had never even seen face to face once before
in my entire existence on this earth
cared enough to make sure I was feeling okay.

And when my friends noticed another meal
another day
another week
had gone by where they hadn’t seen me eat a crumb,
I wished for one of them to say something so simple
like, “are you hungry, love? Have you eaten yet?”
just to let me know that they noticed.
And I know they would know that no one could force me to eat,
but they could at least check in, and ask if I’m alright
calling me honey, or love
to add an extra ounce of caring.

And when I handed in my papers in class
and my sleeve slipped, exposing my striped wrists
all I wanted was for my teacher to tell me
it had to be reported, despite the look in my eye
saying, “please don’t tell.”
Because anyone who has struggled with self-harm knows
that often times, “please don’t tell”
really means “please tell someone, I’m dying.”
And all I wanted was a “honey, it isn’t worth it. You need help.
I’m here for you.”
Because I would be angry at first,
but at least I would have gotten help,
and at least I would have been rising from my
already dug up grave.

But holy shit things turned out so unfair.
The strangers and the friends and teachers
had their eyes and ears wide open and yet
I was still laying there in my grave,
waiting to die, or waiting to be saved.
Because how the hell was I supposed to know
that I had to save myself,
when there was not one person around me
even attempting to help?

But finally I figured it out,
maybe with a few kind souls at my side,
as well as some red shoes and magic pixie dust.
I’m still standing, having saved myself,
and despite my ever present need to become
more of a tiger, adding more stripes to my wrists
and then completely ending myself all together,
I know there is someone, somewhere
wishing for that stranger in the stall next door
or that friend with open eyes who opens her mouth too.
And now that I know how to save myself
I can help that someone, somewhere
save herself too.

I wished for my own stranger or
or teacher
or parent
to come to my rescue and teach me the art
of saving when I had managed to nearly die
six thousand times, on the inside,
and one thousand on the outside.
But I know now that the reason I didn’t find a savior in my life
was because I had been meant to learn how it felt
to feel so completely alone in the thick of pain
and be able to walk straight through,
so that one day I’d be able to teach someone
to do the same.

So, sweety, don’t give up,
your story is not finished yet.
Someone is on their way,
And if you feel like ‘someone’ isn’t coming fast enough,
open your eyes in front of a mirror,
because you’ve already got yourself to save you.

-I’m on my own way // Hannah B.  (via f-ightingback)

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Toothless! you’re a pouting big baby boo? well, try this!
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The Companions + ColoursClara Oswald - 7.0X: The Time of the Doctor
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I’m the Doctor. Well, they call me the Doctor. I don’t know why. I call me the Doctor too. Still don’t know why.
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Do you ever think about the height difference between yourself and a fictional character and what it would look like if you stood next to them

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Quit smiling, you’re suppose to be professional!
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This is me like all the way man.
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"The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated and ridiculous. And sometimes, very rarely, impossible things happen and we call them miracles." - Doctor Who, Season 5, The Pandorica Opens
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"Peter, what is the matter with you? You love this girl with all your heart and soul. Does she know that? Have you told her? Give her that. The rest of it is up to her. And you don’t have forever. None of us ever do.”
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I’m sorry, moment to make fun of that please!